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OPIC Selects Inter-Afrique Capital Ltd. as Originator in Enterprise Development Network

Monday, March 12, 2012

(OPIC)  WASHINGTON, D.C. The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) has selected Inter-Afrique Capital Limited, a financial services and advisory company based in Ghana, to serve as an originator for a growing alliance with the private sector designed to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) expanding into emerging markets overseas.

The alliance, the Enterprise Development Network (EDN), is expanding the ability of OPIC the U.S. government agency charged with facilitating U.S. private sector investment in emerging markets to provide financing to SMEs doing business in developing countries.

Through the support of financial institutions, business consultants, associations, law firms and regional investment promotion agencies, EDN is designed to enhance SME access to OPIC products and services. By empowering such service providers, the network is resulting in more efficient, cost-effective delivery of services to American businesses.

Inter-Afrique Capital is a financial services and advisory company licensed by the Ghana Securities and Exchange Commission, specializing in corporate, project, export and trade finance. Inter-Afrique Capital is focused on connecting investors with emerging market opportunities in West Africa and connecting growing West African companies with global capital and global partners for their businesses. Inter-Afrique Capital Limited is based in Ghana and is a member of Inter-Afrique Group, a holding company founded in Ghana in 1985. Inter-Afrique Capital has successfully executed transactions in multiple sectors including energy, oil & gas, agribusiness, real estate, infrastructure, finance and natural resources. Visit Inter-Afrique Capital on the web at