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USTDA Launches 'Making Global Local' Initiative

Thursday, May 17, 2012

(USTDA)  Announces Nine Founding Partners

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – In celebration of World Trade Day, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency launched Making Global Local, an initiative designed to connect towns and cities across the country with USTDA's export-promoting programs.

"By building strategic partnerships, USTDA and local business organizations can support the creation of high-paying jobs through the growth of U.S. exports," stated USTDA Director Leocadia Zak. "I am excited to work with our new partners, and look forward to connecting with more organizations across the country."

With the launch of the Making Global Local initiative, USTDA announced the following partners: World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia, Missouri International Trade and Investment Office, Erie County (NY) Industrial Development Agency, Duquesne University Small Business Development Center, Vermont Economic Development Authority, World Trade Center of New Orleans, Export Finance Assistance Center of Washington, Denver Sister Cities International, and the Virginia Small Business Development Center.

Over the past year, U.S. companies have increasingly targeted emerging economies as export destinations. Given its unique role, USTDA is perfectly positioned to support U.S. businesses interested in entering or expanding their presence in developing and middle-income countries. By understanding the Agency’s programs, Making Global Local partners will help companies in their communities maximize the benefits of working with USTDA.

Partner organizations include local non-profit or governmental entities that have demonstrated a commitment to supporting the creation of jobs in their community through the growth of U.S. exports. USTDA seeks to forge new partnerships with local organizations across the country, such as World Trade Centers, local non-profit economic development organizations, state or municipal governmental entities, and others.

For more information on the initiative, or to learn more about becoming a partner organization, please visit