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USTDA Supports Data Center Development in Egypt

Friday, July 13, 2012

(USTDA)  Feasibility Study Will Guide Investment in New Data Center with Cloud Computing Services

CAIRO, EGYPT – Today, USTDA partnered with the Egyptian private sector company Raya Holding for Technology and Communications S.A.E. to provide a feasibility study grant that will support Raya’s investment in a new data center with cloud computing services. Raya Data Center, a newly company launched in 2012, will offer the scalability, security, and reliability that are necessary to meet the growing requirements of the public and private sector in Egypt as well as in the Middle East and Africa. In addition, Raya Data Center will provide opportunities for Egyptian businesses to increase competitiveness and form new business partnerships as they take advantage of cloud computing services that reduce capital investments and operating expenses.

The $285,804 grant, provided by USTDA, will fund a feasibility study that will develop the fundamental design requirements, technology, and implementation plans for the new data center facility, which will be the hallmark of Raya Data Center. The feasibility study will guide a major investment by Raya with a comprehensive technology and business analysis needed for service definition and implementation planning. The facility, which represents an important investment in the Egyptian economy, will build a new Tier IV Data Center with the ability to offer a range of services from co-location, managed hosting, disaster recovery, business continuity, data center management & security, professional services, and cloud services from simple email and websites to customized applications, ERP, and CRM Portals.

The grant was signed at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo by U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson on behalf of USTDA and Chairman Medhat Khalil on behalf of Raya Holding for Technology and Communications, S.A.E. USTDA Country Manager Heather Lanigan and Reem Asaad, CEO Data Center, Raya Holding, witnessed.

"This feasibility study grant signed today will serve as an example of USTDA partnering with a leading Egyptian private sector company," said U.S. Ambassador Patterson. "Raya Holding for Technology and Communications is investing not only in the future of the company but also in the Egyptian economy."

"Cloud computing is the latest emerging trend in Egypt and it will majorly contribute to Egypt’s economy in the coming few years," added Reem Asaad. "With the vision to be a leading cloud computing provider in Egypt and the Middle East, we will focus on building the cloud computing awareness and leading the industry in Egypt."

Raya Holding for Technology and Communications S.A.E. is the Middle East’s largest information and communication technology (ICT) company, established in 1999 when seven leading Egyptian ICT companies merged. The opportunity to conduct the USTDA-funded feasibility studies will be competed on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website. A link to the FBO announcement will be posted to USTDA's website at Interested U.S. firms should submit proposals according to the instructions in the FBO announcement. Raya Holding for Technology and Communications will select the U.S. contractor that will complete the project.