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USTDA Concludes High-Level Engagement at U.S.-India Energy Dialogue and India Aviation 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

(USTDA)  Highlights Progress and New Programs to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation

NEW DELHI & HYDERABAD USTDA is continuing to strengthen its relationship with India's vital aviation and energy sectors as Director Leocadia I. Zak participates in the U.S.-India Energy Dialogue in New Delhi and India Aviation 2014 in Hyderabad this week. Both events highlighted the importance of the successful U.S.-India Energy and Aviation Cooperation Programs as key drivers of USTDA's collaboration with the Indian government and private sectors, and allow USTDA to learn about new opportunities to strengthen this important bilateral commercial relationship.

Since the launch of the U.S.-India Energy Dialogue in 2005 to promote increased trade and investment in the sector, USTDA has remained an active participant by sponsoring renewable energy generation, unconventional gas development, energy efficiency and refinery modernization programs. Over the course of this Dialogue, Director Zak joined U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, and U.S. Ambassador to India, Nancy J. Powell, for meetings with leaders from the Government of India to discuss how U.S. - India cooperation in technology-oriented areas could expand and support sustainable energy sector growth in both nations.

Since the Dialogue's inception, USTDA established the U.S.-India Energy Cooperation Program (ECP), which leverages private sector resources from both countries to promote commercially viable clean energy projects in India. During the Dialogue, USTDA announced a new technical cooperation project to assist the Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Limited (GETCO) with managing the integration of increasing amounts of wind and solar generation into its bulk power transmission system.

"USTDA is committed to helping India meet its energy sector challenges by leveraging U.S. industry expertise to implement smart grid technologies, diversify the country's energy mix, and develop renewable power sources for both on- and off-grid supply," stated Director Zak during her participation in the Dialogue on March 11, 2014.

Today, Director Zak traveled to Hyderabad for the Inaugural Ceremony of India Aviation 2014 an international exhibition and conference that highlights India's major developments and opportunities in its civil aviation sector. In her opening remarks, Director Zak highlighted USTDA's long-standing relationship with India's civil aviation sector that has been bolstered by the U.S.-India Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP).

"This innovative public-private partnership is a critical forum for dialogue between our countries' aviation officials and industries, which has introduced state-of-the-art technology to support India's priority aviation goals," Director Zak noted.

Alongside her participation in India Aviation, Director Zak was pleased to observe contract signings between USTDA's Indian civil aviation partners and U.S. ACP member companies which intiate several USTDA-funded technical cooperation and capacity building activities. These activities exemplify the collaboration that stems from the ACP; collaboration which USTDA will continue to support in the future as it seeks to further promote a strong U.S. India aviation partnership.