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USTDA Supports Renewable Energy Development in Turkey

Thursday, March 20, 2014

(USTDA)  Awards Grant for Hydrokinetic Power Generation Project

ANKARA, TURKEY Today, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency awarded a $669,875 grant to Turkey's largest power generation company, the Electricity Generation Company (EUAS), in support of its efforts to expand its capacity to generate power. The grant will fund a feasibility study to help EUAS determine the technical and financial viability of a 17 Megawatt (MW) hydrokinetic power project for the Seyhan hydropower plant, near the city of Adana.

Working with Verdant Power, Inc., a leading marine and hydrokinetic power developer headquartered in New York, NY, and its partner Ko-Tech, a consulting company based in McLean, VA, the study will evaluate the use of Verdant Power's free flowing kinetic hydropower systems downstream of the EUAS, hydropower plant facility. By installing turbine systems at the Seyhan hydropower plant, the project would utilize existing infrastructure, such as substation power transmission and distribution lines, to generate an additional 17 MW of power from free flowing water channel currents. Verdant Power, Inc. has successfully used this technology to generate power in the East River of New York City, beginning in 2006.

"USTDA is pleased to support Turkey's efforts to augment its clean and renewable resource development, supplementing its dependence on fossil fuel power sources," said Regional Director Carl B. Kress. "The cutting-edge U.S. hydrokinetic technology, which will be evaluated for the Seyhan plant, demonstrates Turkey's leadership in exploring new clean energy sources. This important project will serve as a model for other important markets in the region and around the world.

This project builds upon the work USTDA has undertaken with Turkey since signing a Memorandum of Agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in 2009. If implemented, the project will provide an anticipated $32.5 million in opportunities for U.S. hydrokinetic power developers in manufacturing equipment and services, such as turbines and substations, installation, engineering and design.