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The Exporting Source is a free website for exporters, how to get started, where to go for help.

Gilston-Kalin Communications publishes two subscription publications: The Export Practitioner and Washington Tariff & Trade Letter. The monthly magazine, The Export Practitioner, is the only publication devoted exclusively to the export licensing requirements and law enforcement policies of Commerce, State and Treasury. It provides exclusive, in-depth news and analysis aimed at helping exporters speed their products to customers abroad while avoiding costly legal troubles. With special guest features and columns written by experts in the field, The Export Practitioner gives export managers, international trade lawyers, and trade consultants information they can apply directly to coping with U.S. export controls and trade sanctions. Washington Tariff & Trade Letter, a weekly newsletter, has provided international executives and trade experts weekly reports on U.S. trade policies, negotiations, regulations and legislation since 1981.

Welcome to the Exporting Source

Your one-stop resource for finding help to export to new customers, to learn about government export programs, to join export-promoting trade missions, to sign up for trade conferences and training, and to link to other exporting services. Whether you're an old hand at exporting or just getting started, the Exporting Source provides a place to locate foreign customers, export financing and foreign investment assistance.